Quarry Park Child Development Centre

Calgary, Alberta

Design Thinking: Placing an emphasis on the relationship between a child’s early development and their surroundings, our team worked within the parameters of childcare design principles to create a facility that promotes social interaction and play. Through a design concept based on discovery, honest materials, colors and programmatic strategy, our team created a building fosters discovery and learning through design.

Key Features: Individual classrooms have been designed with structured learning areas, flexible activity areas, as well as scale-appropriate windows to facilitate a strong connection to the outdoors and to maximize natural light. The building uses primary colours not only to inspire recognition in children, but also to act as an internal wayfinding system. The natural environment surrounding the building features a variety of spaces such as community learning gardens and a large amphitheatre.

Client: Remington Developments
Size: 43,000 sq.ft. (4,000 sq.m.)