Bowness High School Modernization

Calgary, Alberta

Design Thinking: Bowness High School is at the heart of its community, and its revitalization strengthens the role it plays within the neighbourhood. The harmonious blending of the old and new forms was a major focus of our modernization design. The street façade is a confident urban statement that is bold, fresh and youthful. Clearly articulated by a glazed, two-storey structure, the new main entrance canopy invites students into the double-height, light-filled entry hall of the new addition. The atrium student gathering space is interactive and expressive with numerous windows, openings and seating areas.

Key Features: The building primarily houses the Career and Technology Studies program, which offers students programming such as culinary arts, cosmetology, food services, art, dance and fashion studies. Modern forms and materials, including masonry, metal and composite panels and glass, are consistent with the school’s state-of-the-art programming, while the colour and patterning choices of the exteriors complement the existing building’s precast concrete and brick structure.

Client: Calgary Board of Education
Size: 198,000 sq.ft. (18,400 sq.m.)